Polemical questions of history of the Shoah in Bulgaria: whom belongs the role of savior?

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Marianna Shpak


Introduction. In the twenty-first century analysis phenomena of the Holocaust has had to give a clear idea of the tragedy and its aftermath. But in the former Soviet Union there are new historical facts which require evaluation. Decommunisation process showed, that the history of the Shoah in socialist countries has undergone rewriting. An example is Bulgaria, where people do not accept and do not understand the phenomenon of the Holocaust. To find the cause of this, we must see event where there was distortion of history. In view of the above problems, it is necessary to treat all critical events. In this regard, special attention should be given to many historians study that will show the truth. It is important to note, that in Bulgaria not all experts are ready to accept the truth of the history of the Shoah. This complicates the process of policy memory of the Holocaust. Regarding this issue, is really to take responsibility for the process of writing a new truth in the history of the state.

Purpose. For the purpose of analysis is taken of events that caused the non-standard understanding of the Holocaust in Bulgaria. The attempt to find out the real reasons deportation of Bulgarian Jews. It is important to see the real merits of the people who saved Jews. We need to understand, whether the whole population Bulgaria wanted to save Jews.

Results. Analysis of historical events of the Holocaust in Bulgaria makes it clear that the experts do not have critical thresholds. In crimes of the Holocaust is accused only government officials. Mass protests during the war against the destruction of Bulgarian Jews created the idea, that the heroes were all. But research by R. Avramov, L. Cohen, B. Dіcheva D. Parvanovа show, that everything is much more tragic.

Methods. Including in research a chronological and retrospective methods, it became apparent, that those responsible for the Holocaust in Bulgaria are many.

Conclusion. Therefore, in the history of Bulgaria there are many problems, that need coverage. Created by the Bulgarian Communist Party history should not exist today. The only way to form a new generation of citizens, which consciously will assess the situation.

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