Anatoly Yuzefovych CHABAN


Annotation. This article presents analysis of radical paradigm changes that occurred in 20th century historical research of Ukraine during times of our country independence. We highlight that this process is happening from the position of Ukraine centeredness, as well as in accordance with world history principles. In particular, we analyze the issue of periodization main stages of Ukrainian history throughout the century, while pointing out problems that are not covered enough or are the subject of scientific discussion.

Second, we research newest approaches towards studying historical processes of 20th century, such as disposition «they-us», methodological principles of research, taking into account various perceptions and evaluations of historical events and famous personalities by different categories of population. The research was conducted based on major principles of nature and character of history studies conducted by the leading historians around the world, as well as Ukrainian researchers who study 20th century history.

As a result of conducted research, we reached the conclusion that modern paradigm of 20th century historical research of Ukraine is based on the comprehensive and grounded study of events and facts from different points of view; clear outlining of main stages of development of 20th century society; determining problem and discussion causing issues; attempting to look for consensus; determining and applying appropriate methodology that meets modern science standards; taking into account historical experience of different generations of Ukrainian society; and creating a system of mutual understanding and realistic assessment of positive and negative pages of Ukrainian history


transformation; historical research; paradigm; periodization;research methodology; disposition «they-us»; generational theory


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