Mariia Yosypivna DMYTRENKO


Introduction. History of humanity has witnessed many changes of social order: matriarchy was followed by patriarchy. But there are a lot of proofs of the phenomenon which was characteristic of any society. It is discrimination of women. One of the most important factors of solving the problem of gender equality as the basis of social responsibility is the change of social conscience.

Purpose. There search isai medat supporting the achievement of gendere quality between men and women to ensure thes table development of the society and stop any kind of discrimination which is an integral part of social responsibility.

Methods. The empirical-analytical and interpretive groups of methods have been used when investigating the problem. The analysis of the qualitative data has made it possible to determine the relationship between gender processes and social, economic and political factors. Content analysis has enabled us to differentiate gender equality as an integral part of social responsibility.

Results.There search proves theneces sity of integrated approach to the problem of combating gender inequality inUkraine. We have all grounds to state that the problem can be solved in the legal plane and it is expedient that legislative acts and target programs aimed at improving the quality of the life of women should be developed and implemented. The existing system of preventing gender discrimination is still ineffective because of the lack of national mechanisms that can control the observance of laws. We see the way out in applying bilateral and multilateral agreements between state bodies and non-government organizations.


gender; gender equality; social responsibility


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