Institutional development of the Ukrainian diaspora in Russia 1991–2010

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V. Volkov


The article is devoted to the research and meaningful theme, named the history of Ukrainian-Russian relations, the main trends of development in modern times. Despite the existence of some scientific works, the problem of formation of the Ukrainian diaspora in Russia remains less explored. The author analysez literature and the use the source to identifiy the key stages of institutional development of the Ukrainian diaspora in Russia. It is pointed out that the formation of the Ukrainian communities in Russia was entirely dependent on the political atmosphere of the country of residence. Also important is the conclusion on the gradual fading of social activity Ukrainian diaspora in Russia. This process was associated with the gradual assimilation of Ukrainian Federation, direct proof of which is a permanent reduction in their numbers in the country. The article discusses the Ukrainian diaspora in the light of the formation of its organizational structure. A quick study approaches to disclosure diaspora issues in domestic and foreign historiography. In the context of Ukrainian organizations in Russia author highlights and describes the main stages of institutional development of Ukrainian Diaspora in the country of residence. The policy of the Russian Federation in relation to the main centers of Ukrainian country is analysed. The current state and future prospects of the central Ukrainian institutions in Russia is described.

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