Peasant uprisings of Pavlo Skoropadskyi's Hetmanate in modern Ukrainian historiography

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R. Tymchenko


Abstract. The purpose of the study. The purpose of the research involves analyzing the degree of study of the peasant insurgency of the Pavlo Skoropadskyi's Hetmanate according to the large number of scientific works about Ukrainian Revolution 1917-1921.

The scientific novelty of the article allows to understand the degree of informativeness after author's historiographical analysis of scientific works about the history of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1921, agrarian history. It helps to identify the common and distinctive features of the scientific works and to find out the prospects for further development of this topic.

Conclusions. This scientific problem has not received a comprehensive historiographical analysis, but most researchers contain information about peasant uprisings during analyzing Pavlo Skoropadskyi's socio-economic policies. However, there are very few historiographical works on this topic (V. Shcherbatiuk, O. Zhytkov). There are almost no special works comprehensively devoted to this issue, except for P. Zakharchenko.

Over the past decade, many articles and books have been published that explore peasant insurgencies in specific regions. This makes it possible to identify certain specifics, to highlight common and distinctive features. After a comparative analysis, it can be argued that all of them were directed against landlord arbitrariness and the actions of the occupation military administration. However, the main part is devoted to the study of the peasant movement in the Kyiv region.

It should also be noted that the figures of the leaders and leading participants in the peasant uprisings were not sufficiently personified, since not all researchers mentioned them in their works. The question of the scale of disruption of food supplies to Germany and Austria-Hungary by the insurgency, the number of insurgent forces and the losses of the occupation forces in the fight against them requires further research.


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R. Tymchenko

Tymchenko Roman – Candidate of Historical Sciences, Leading Researcher, Institute of History of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine



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