Рopular edition «Ogonek»: a history of its origin and characteristics of changes in editorial policy

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Anna Aleksandrovna Kayuk


The problematic of this subject is to study the history of the magazine «Ogonek», focusing on the origin of this mass publication, its text structure, genre peculiarity and subjects of publications.

The aim of the research is to explore the history of the magazine «Ogonek» and changes in the subject of publications.

It was used a number of historical methods: descriptive method, comparative-historical method, content analysis gave particularly valuable results in the journal publications research.

The main results of the research show the uniqueness of the magazine «Ogonek» as a historical source. The needs of an era influenced on the content changes. Thus, in the years of «perestroika», when the editor in chief was V. Korotych, the magazine started a new life. Thanks to embodied innovations, «Ogonek» reached enormous popularity and had a significant influence on the county’s political life. Exposing the crimes that were committed in the past has become an iconic genre in journalism. Here are some publications on this subject: «Zhdaniv’s fluid» Karjakin Y., «Confrontation» – the open letter from investigators for particularly important cases at the Prosecutor General of the USSR Hdlyana T. and Ivanova N., «Perestroika: who is against?» – the roundtable discussion with prominent US economists and professors, from the Soviet Union there were present economists and historians Saharov A. and Bunich P.

In addition, «Ogonek» acquainted its readers with the works of classical and modern Russian literature, biographies of famous people, innovations in the world of music, art, technology, movies and more.


As the conclusion it should be noted that «Ogonek» is an important symbol of the «glasnost» era, the political structure changes and the collapse of Soviet power. Today the legendary magazine circulation is more than 53,000 copies. «Ogonek» is the true embodiment of how the talent and the work can transform a small supplement to the newspaper in a country famous magazine. But without Korotych V. it would not be that well-known for the 1980's generation «Ogonek».

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