Victor Petrovych Danylov – things researcher agricultural history USSR twentieth century.

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Viktoria Leonidivna Kalytvyanska


Introduction. Research topic due to the need of thorough scientific study and social activities V. Danilov major milestones in the context of the national history of the late XX – early XXI century. The need to study selected issues caused exceptional value looks outstanding historian, a dissident in the then agrarian reforms as well as the fact that almost no special scientific papers on scientists.

Purpose this study is that based on available counted and unpublished materials and archives to explore the features of scientific, historical and social activities V. Danilov.

Methods. Method of scientific cognition and objectivity.

Results. Is the possibility of using its material in monographs generalizing works on contemporary history. Material conclusions and generalizations contained in the work, expand knowledge about the problems of the peasants of the twentieth century. Results of the study can be used in the classroom institutions of higher education, in particular to prepare lectures modern history of Ukraine, the Ukrainian village life.

Originality. The scientific novelty of the proposed research is to develop a problem statement and a comprehensive study and analysis of scientific and historical heritage of the scientist. It is assumed that new aspects will be studied in addressing the most pressing issues and locus of Soviet agriculture.


Conclusion. Thus, if the main ideas formulate the concept of Soviet agrarian history of the twentieth century Danilov, they will be the following: the essential role of the peasant community; real and resulting unrealized break NEP Stalin potential cooperation and socialism; carried out without the necessary material and technical base and peasant support, cruel collectivization that led to very serious consequences for the peasantry and the country, including in the long historical perspective; Stalinism and its heritage – the reason for the collapse of socialism in the USSR.

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