Asian type female leader on the example of Soong May-ling


A.O. Ovcharenko
I.M. Chupilcka


The paper demonstrated all the main political aspects of Soong May-ling, the establishment of an independent political entity and the influence of western lifestyles of its future political destiny and style of diplomacy. Investigated the relationship of China and America will during the reign of Chiang Kai-shek government and the impact on the relationship of diplomatic activity Soong May-ling. Displaying Soviet relations and the nationalist Chinese government during the Second World War. Show current estimates historians and political scientists on the style of diplomatic work Soong May-ling and evaluation of the results of this work in European and American historiography. Characterize achieve Soong May-ling as General Secretary of the Air Force of China during the reign of Chiang Kai-shek government and achievements as head of the Red Cross during the reign spouse Kai-shek on the island of Taiwan. The findings indicated that the diplomatic work Soong May-ling had a huge impact on China in the mid-20th century and the activity itself and May-ling figure is an example of self-sacrifice, patriotism and above is an example of a woman as a man can be a powerful diplomatic figure, to a major international political work while being a woman and devoted wife.




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