Cultural and educational activities of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine

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Kateryna Voskoboinyk


Introduction. The article examines the activities of the cultural and educational centers of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine. What are aimed at the spread of modern Polish models of culture, new technologies of art, the display of experimental creative forms.

The main vectors of the foreign cultural policy of the Republic of Poland are analyzed, which is actively carried out at the present stage of the strategic partnership between the countries.

Purpose. To research and analyze cultural and educational activities conducted by Poland in Ukraine at the present stage of diplomatic relations.

Results. In the course of the study, it was found that there is active cooperation between the partner countries, which is conducted through the work of the Consulates General and Cultural Representatives of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine. They ensure the presence of Polish culture in the information space of our country and form a solid basis for regular cultural exchanges and cooperation.

Today, Ukraine has the most developed network of interregional cooperation with Poland. Almost all regions of Ukraine and the voivodship of the Republic of Poland have concluded cooperation agreements. Within the framework of the existing agreements joint cultural and artistic events are held, projects of youth exchanges are implemented, various internships are held, conferences, forums, seminars are held.

Conclusion. Thus, based on the general concepts that Poland has outlined for itself to promote its culture abroad, and in particular in Ukraine. Ukrainian-Polish cultural cooperation is an integral part of interstate diplomatic relations between countries. A characteristic feature of these relationships is the popularization of polonium. With each year of fruitful cooperation, the expansion, creation of an effective mechanism of cultural exchange of cherries of the national community and taking into account the modern interests of both partner countries take place. They aim to break down the often negative stereotypes and bring Poles closer to Ukrainian culture and Ukrainians to Polish ones.

Cooperation in the field of culture creates a suitable ground for the development of integration processes of Ukraine’s and Ukrainian culture’s entry into the European space. Such active cultural exchange between countries enhances and enriches interstate relations.

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