The attempt to solve the Ukrainian question by the League of Nations in 1919–1920s

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Olena Skrypnyk


Introduction. The League of Nations, which was founded to promote cooperation between nations and guarantee peace and security, had made it possible for the governments of the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic and the UPR to proclaim to the world the right of the Ukrainian people for statehood. After all, at that time, it was important for our state to develop a clear foreign policy strategy, to look for strong diplomatic support, so that the Ukrainian people would obtain their own state, and Ukraine would gain support and affirmation in the international arena. Nowadays multilateral research of the League of Nations position on the Ukrainian Question is topical issue, such as at the present moment, as well as 100 years ago, Ukraine seeks support and assistance in international organizations in order to protect its independence.

Purpose. The aim is to investigate and analyze the activities of the League of Nations in relation to the solution of the Ukrainian Question in the 1919-1920 years.

Methods. The methodology of the research is based on the principles of historicism, systemic and scientific method, objectivity, as well as the use of methods of analysis, synthesis, and generalization.

Results. With the formation of the Ukrainian People’s Republic (UPR) and the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic (WUPR), the Ukrainian people have tried to find support in the international arena in order to gain recognition of independence. The international organization the League of Nations, in fact, have begun to decide the fate of all the people who sought to form their own state, therefore the government of the Ukrainian republics have tried by its help to enlist the support of the world community in their struggle for independence. The Ukrainian Question has been discussed at meetings of various organs of the League of Nations repeatedly, but the Ukrainians haven’t received the desired assistance.

Originality. In this article the comparison between the cooperation of the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic and the UPR and the League of Nations has been drawn for the first time. It has been found out appeals and requests with which the government of the two republics appealed for.

Conclusion. Thus, due to the First World War and the foundation of the League of Nations, the Ukrainian people have been trying to win right for their own state. The emergence of the UPR and Western Ukrainian People’s Republic has been a huge step towards independence. Under the circumstances of the international relations of that time, the newly formed Ukrainian republics have tried to secure the support of the League of Nations. The League of Nations has become quite a powerful mouthpiece of Eastern Galicia in defending its rights. The UPR Government have tried through the League of Nations to achieve recognition of the sovereignty of the UPR by the Triple Entente, and protested against the occupation policy of foreign states regarding Ukrainian territory. However, the constant complication of the procedure for reviewing these issues has undermined the effectiveness of the review, enforcement of decisions, recommendations and remarks of the League of Nations. Regarding the activity of the Western Ukrainian’ association of Nations, it has been aimed primarily at protecting the rights of the Ukrainian national minority under the authority of Poland.

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