The main directions of activity of the Central Council of the Inventor Workers’ Society of Ukraine in the 1930s

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Olena Kostyukova


Introduction. The public organization the Workers-Inventors Society was founded in 1924 and it received its name in 1930. Activization of the society took place just in the 1930s of the first five-year plan during the period of industrialization and collectivization. It required preparation of the new staff with new thinking and it needed new technical equipment. Such workers-proletarians were trained directly at the manufacture. Practical skills were combined with teaching at the courses and seminars. The lack of knowledge for implementation the workers’ inventions was added by the engineering and technical specialists. However, the new authorities did not trust many of them and trained their reliable assistants for strengthening the Bolshevik socialist regime. It is necessary to mention the workers-inventors’ striving to use the possibilities for application their inventory skills and abilities at the most. The society directed its activity to many branches of industry, agriculture, defense work, children’s inventions and scientific-research work.

Purpose. The purpose of the article is to discover the essence and meaning of the activity of the Ukraine’s Workers-Inventors Society in the political and social-economic processes of Ukraine in 1930s of the XX century. It is also vital to manifest the mainstreams of its activity.

Results. The Central Council of the Ukraine’s Workers-Inventors Society was put responsible economic and political duties by the Bolshevik authorities, such as struggle for the import independence of the Soviet Union and directing the activity to the branches of the national economy. In the second five year plan they planned a reconstruction of the metallurgy and coal-mining on the new technical base: transformation of the Donetsk basin into the coal-chemical-metallurgical industrial complex, intensively developing electroenergy. Among other plans were also creation of the mining-metallurgical equipment and locomotive building production, complete technical production reconstruction in machine-building, and organization of the high quality steel, ferroalloys and aluminium production. Inventions in transport organizations, making roads, light and food industries were also mainstreams in the activity of the society. A great attention was paid to the agriculture and rationalization of the equipment. But the most important purpose of its activity was to strengthen the collective farms, state farms and machine-tractor stations. The activity of the society was also aimed at the defense work and children’s inventions. Besides, the society concretized the mainstreams of the scientific-research work in the branches of the Ukraine’s national economy. For the organization of the work there was the All-Ukrainian Committee for promoting inventions. The activity of the society as well as other public organizations was under the control of the authorities.

Conclusion. In spite of politicization the Central Council of the Workers-Inventors Society contributed to the technical development of many directions in the national economy and the inventions sphere representatives themselves.

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