Andronуk Stepovуch: Life and the main directions of creative activity

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Artem Kukhto


Introduction. A.Stepovуch born on Poltava region in village Lebedyntsi of Pryluky district (now Sribnyansky district of Chernihiv region) in 1856. Up to the 4th grade included a training course at the Chernihiv Gymnasium. He was brought up in Sokyryntsi in the house of the wealthy Pryluky landowner Grigory Galagan. In 1871 he was transferred from the 5th form of the gymnasium to the 1 class of the college, which he graduated with a gold medal in 1875.

In 1879 he entered the Kyiv University on the Faculty of History and Philology. After graduating from Kyiv University taught Russian language and literature in various educational institutions. A.Stepovуch constantly published his researches, dealing with the history of Slavic literature, carried out repeated trips to the Slavic lands. In 1892 A.Stepovych received the title of Associate Professor at the Department of Slavic Philology of Kyiv University. In 1893 he received the post of Director of the Collegium P.Galagan, where he edited the yearbook. After graduating from the college P. Galagan, the director of the 13th year, A.Stepovych resigned and opened on September 12, 1909, the Kyiv male gymnasium of his own name. Throughout his life he studied the history of various Slavic nation, their literature and art, assisted them financially and contacted their representatives. Andronyc Stepovych died on October 26, 1935 in Kyiv. Buried on Lukyanivkе cemetery.

Purpose. The article shows the main periods of A.Stepovych's life and work, disclosed the circumstances that contributed to the formation of A.Stepovуch as a person and a scientist, describes the main works that relate to the personality of the scientist, reveals his personal contribution to Ukrainian science and the indicated directions of his charitable and social activities. The links between A.Stepovуch and foreign scholars and writers are also outlined in terms of his creative and scientific interests.

Methods. In the article are used the following methods: analysis and synthesis, logical, critical, historical method, comparative, descriptive.

Results. Analysis the main stages of life and creativity of Andronicus Stepovich, illustrate directions of scientific activity of A.Stepovych.

Originality. Usually, most of the information about A.Stepovуch's life is of limited character and appears in the form of brief information in various encyclopedias, separate articles and monographs. A significant part of sources concerning his biography has not yet been studied in details; his autobiographical data have not been published. The life path of the Ukrainian scholar-slavist A.Stepovуch needs to be actualized, systematic analysis and involvement for the complex study of the personality of the scientist and his scientific views.

Conclusion. For almost 100 years, A.Stepovych's biography was limited only to the references in various encyclopedic dictionaries and as a rule was not more than a few paragraphs. This research should help to close the gap in the investigated personality of the scientist and his life path and highlight his contribution to the development of Ukrainian science.

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