The french revolution of the late XVIIIth century in modern russian historiography


V. О. Kirieieva


The article gives the analysis of the main directions of the French revolution’ research during the late eighteenth century in modern Russian historiography. The attention emphasised on the process of gradual departure from the Marxist interpretation of the revolutionary events in 17891799, and the beginning of a scientific debate among historians on the pages of scientific journals in the late 80-s to mid 90-s of the XXth century. Characterized the main approaches in modern Russian historical science regarding the interpretation of key problems of the French revolution: the essence of feudalism, the characteristic of the notion of absolutism, the place and role of the Jacobins in the revolutionary process, understanding and characterization of the events events during 17941799. Drawn attention to the scientific research of leading Russian historians: A. Ado, D. Bovykin, A. Chudinov, B. Smirnov, L. Himenova, A. Gordon and other. The outlooks of further research on the issue are described.




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