The first Poles on the university

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A.A. Kotichenko


The article investigates the problem of solving the Female educational question in Poland. The author paid her attention to the first female student of Faculty of Pharmacy at the Jagellonian University. The research focuses on the development of the educational movement on female high education on the Polish lands. The man attention is paid to the sociocultural portrait of students who tried to study at the university. The author pointed out the personal intensions that motivated young girls to teach. Women’s education as a scientific direction transformed into autonomous branch. The main task of the article was to represent portrait of young female students. The author mentioned that ambitions help students to keep the goal. The circumstances of everyday life and teaching, conflicts, personal positions of pupils are described in the research. The author comes to the conclusion that the position of society and intelligence played a great role on the solving of the female question. It is also mentioned that the main aim was to create the compromise model between family and career.

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