Historical retrospect of ukrainian presence on the Turkish soil


Galyna Sagan


Introduction. Considering the fact that today in Ukraine at the state and private levels interest in our Black Sea neighbor again grows, and the ancient historical past stimulates it. It is worth turning to important, sometimes contradictory pages of the history of Ukrainian presence on Turkish soil. In the past, there were many positive ideas that Turkey and Ukraine, under certain subjective circumstances, failed to implement them as international cooperation partners. Therefore, turning to history will help overcome some of today’s problems of Ukrainian-Turkish relations related to marriage emigration, earnings and more global issues - economic and strategic partnership.

Purpose of this study is to show the reasons for the appearance of our compatriots within the Turkish state through the analysis of the centennial presence of Ukrainians on Turkish soil, to note the specifics of communicating with the authorities and ordinary people in different historical epochs, to highlight the process of formation or decline of the diaspora life of Ukrainians in Turkey.

Methods. In the article are used the following methods: analysis and synthesis, logical, critical, historical method, comparative, descriptive.

Results. The split that took place in the environment of before unified Ukrainian diaspora, became the result of political intrigues and unhealthy ambitions of individual diaspora leaders. This problem has a purely political background.

Originality. The features of the Ukrainians presence on Turkish soil for five centuries are shown. The reasons for the restoration of the Ukrainian diaspora in Turkey in the 21st century is indicated.

Conclusion. The historical retrospective of the Ukrainian presence on Turkish soil, which has lasted for more than seven centuries, demonstrates the different moods of the presence of our compatriots in this country. The forcible export of Ukrainians to the Ottoman Empire in the Middle Ages has changed into good-neighborly relations between Ukraine and the Republic of Turkey. Turkey has become a favorite holiday destination for Ukrainians. Many people go to work and stay living in this southern country for more than one year. The presence of Ukrainian diaspora structures in Turkey indicates that this country has accepted the Ukrainians hospitably. The life and work of our compatriots at a distance from the land of their origin gave rise to the need for the pleasure of national and cultural necessities. The Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Turkey is actively involved in the organization of such requests of Ukrainians, whose position here is decisive.




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