Public associations of Ukrainian village in late XIX – early XX century: to the problem

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Oksana Silka


Introduction. Formation of the rural organizational and statutory segment in the process of formation of civil society in Ukraine in the late XIX – early XX centuries.

Purpose. Formulation of main characteristics that determined the processes of formation and activity of rural community associations in Ukraine in the late XIX – early XX centuries.

Results. The legal basis for the activities of rural community statutory societies, the material conditions and means for achieving this goal, and partial integration into the social structure of the rural community provide grounds for asserting the existence of features of social institutions of civil society in the investigated associations, the process of formation of which was established at the beginning of the XX century. The activities of public associations, including those that functioned at the rural administrative-level, contributed to the formation of civil society in Ukraine, helped to create, expand, strengthen and protect the space between the individual and the state, through the formation of the individual, the promotion of professionalism and the cultivation of civil obligations

Originality. The rural community organizations of the late XIX and early XX centuries in Ukrainian historiography did not stand out as a separate and special, and therefore unique, stratum of public initiative, were considered in passing either in the context of the work of urban public organizations or as part of the cooperative movement. The study of this specificity of the right to realize the interests of the rural population of Ukraine provides an opportunity to understand not only social, cultural, moral priorities of the past, but also some features of the present.

Conclusion. Appeal to the historical tradition in the sphere of the emergence and deployment of statutory public associations in the late XIX and early XX centuries, and in particular in its rural segment, makes it possible to assess its continuity, its relationship with economic and political structures; To discover the common ground on which the functioning of both Ukrainian, European, and international community associations took place, to redefine the role and place of civic organizations in the civilizational progress of Ukrainian society.

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