Sweden foreign policy features in the conditions of modern geopolitical situation

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Olena Braichevska
Yuliia Kovalchuk


Introdaction. In current situation it is needed for Ukraine to conduct balanced foreign policy. The biggest task under modern conditions is to form foreign policy aimed at maximizing convergence and integration with European and Euro-Atlantic structures and, at the same time, to have minimal confrontational potential. Sweden foreign policy is a good example of implementation a clear and consistent position in frame of numerous global and regional issues. Despite the neutral status the Kingdom demonstrates political and economic presence both in Europe and abroad.

Purpose: The study is aimed at exploring the foreign policy priorities of Sweden and the peculiarities of their implementation on the international scene, in particular through cooperation and participation in solving international problems.

Results: Sweden foreign policy main areas are the Northern Europe, the European Union, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Sweden also focuses on building transatlantic ties, security policies, free trade, development assistance, Arctic ecology conservation and climate change, disarmament and gender issues. The main priorities of Sweden foreign policy are to support peace and national security. Despite the declared status of a neutral state, Sweden cooperates with NATO and the Nordic and Baltic countries in the area of security and conflict resolution. Sweden is positioning itself as a state that actively contributes to solving international problems and provides humanitarian assistance. The ability to conduct such a foreign policy is provided by economic and political stability in the internal life of the state and the high economic level of development.

Conclusion: For Ukraine Swedish foreign policy can be an example of activity on the international scene based on democracy, respect for human rights, gender equality, and a focus on solving current international problems.

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