Vasiliy MELNICHENKO, Mariy Koval


On the example of Cherkasy region, the article analyzes the process of reforming rural education in the period of the Ukrainian revolution of 1917–1921.

The aim of the article is to study the regional peculiarities of changes occurring in the educational sphere of the Ukrainian village.

As a result of the study, it was established that the Ukrainian governments paid special attention to the adoption in the educational policy and practical actions of the national foundations, to attracting the general public to the development of the Ukrainian school. It describes the decisions of the Central Rada, Hetman and the Education Directory, gives specific examples of their implementation in the rural areas of the region – the opening of Ukrainian schools, the inclusion of Ukrainian studies in curricula.

The formation of a network of rural schools took place in difficult socio-political and economic conditions. The work of school institutions was adversely affected by the frequent change of power, lack of personnel, and unsatisfactory material and technical base.

The scientific novelty of the provisions of the article lies in the fact that it first investigated and summarized the functioning of rural schools during the revolution, assessed the forms and content of education.

It was concluded that in practical work on reforming rural education on the example of Cherkasy region during the Central Rada, Hetmanate and Directory, the political line is clearly and unequivocally traced to the creation of a national school as a necessary condition for educating a nationally conscious citizen. In a short revolutionary period, the rural school has gone from the language Ukrainization of the educational process to the widespread introduction of Ukrainian science disciplines into all levels of education. What was done had a significant impact on the process of national-cultural revival, not only in times of revolution, but also in the following decades.


education; revolution; Ukrainian People’s Republic; pedagogical cadres; ukrainization; Cherkasy region


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