Transformations of Ukrainian family in the conditions of Hunger is pestilence 1932—1933th: social measuring

Т. О. Лахач


The author of the offered article, leaning on the archived materials, tries to trace the process of forming of the new system of domestic necessities and valued orientations of personality as a result of transformation changes, state influence and general transformations of Ukrainian family in the conditions of hunger is pestilence of1932-1933th.

Accents attention on social вимирі of problem, окільки position of society, where marriage - domestic relations occupied one of leading places, catastrophically became worse in the period of Famine of 1932-1933. Artificial hunger though was not consciously sent to eradication of family as a social institute, however extermination of the Ukrainian people envisaged her destabilization in itself. Bolshevists destroyed physical and spiritual community of people hunger, undermined native national traditions and interests.

An author proves in addition,, that people different on age, a general tragic fate united a profession, vital experience,, bits and pieces of having many children families reminded more rapid groupment after force interests, than domestic community with a deep social root. Principle of the mutual understanding extremely became sharp between generations, and here and there and disappeared. The plane of domestic contradictions outgrew in opposition of «old» and «new» society, and domestic necessities and valued reference-points the survivals erected to the primitive norms


transformation; hunger; Ukrainian family; parents; to put; death rate


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