The article examines the background and history of the creation of the State Historical and Cultural Reserve «Trakhtemiriv». It is noted that many key events in the history of Ukraine and the development of state formation processes are connected with Trakhtemirov. Characterized by a network of existing reserves in the region and the main objects of cultural heritage.

Attention is focused on the problems and difficulties of forming the reserve as a state institution for the protection of monuments, and expresses concern about violations of the current legislation on the preservation of cultural heritage.

The facts of violations in the allocation of land for the reserve are called. Examples of the destruction of monuments of history and culture. The participants of the international scientific-practical conference, which was held at the Cherkassy National Bohdan Khmelnytsky University, appealed to the authorities demanding the repeal of illegal decisions on the transfer of the reserve’s land to individuals. A proposal was also made to include the protected area on the UNESCO World Heritage List. A story has been made to assist the historical and cultural reserve in the organization of effective work.


Trakhtemiriv; cultural heritage; protected area; archaeological monuments; Cossacks; historical consciousness; Cherkasy region


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