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Abstract.Investigational archived documents of central areas of Ukraine 1930–1960 in relation to political criminals in agefrom to 12 25. An author analyses the legislative process ofovercoming of ideological limitations in historical researches, summarizes the open archived sources about therepressions of the totalitarian state against a risinggeneration. The list of the archived funds of the Record officeof the Сherkasy area, in that the actual presence of thearchived information of repressive organs is educed and setfor period 1917–1991 is illustrated. Accented, that a mainspring base for researchers the declassified documents ofstate became and to the archive of СК of communist Party of Ukraine, her local party committees, materials of the archivedsubdivisions of former Committee of state security of UKRAINE. In funds open for working hundred documents ofparty-official of cheka control and punitive system are again stunelee mosynary students and students. On the basis of study of the declassified businesses anauthor asserts that state terror, propaganda and education, were directed against Ukrainians from the first years of life in the state. The representatives of the young generation, thatargued against official canons in force of domestic traditions, education, religious persuasions, were declared criminals. Drawn conclusion, that objectively it repressions felt strongly about the future Ukrainian people


Archived establishments; declassified documents; repressions;historical justice


Viatrovsch V. M., Kulik І. М., Loshak V. V. (2012.). Aright is on a true. Practical adviser from access to thearchives / Center of researches of liberation movement. It is Lviv: Magazine, 152 (in Ukr.)

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A decree of President of Ukraine is «About declassifying, promulgation and study of the archived documents, relatedto the Ukrainian liberation movement, political repressionsand in Ukraine» № 37 from 23.01.2009. – [Electronic resource]. It is access Mode: (in Ukr.)

Law of Ukraine «On access to the archives of repressiveorgans of the communist totalitarian mode of 1917–1991». From 09.04.2015 №316 – VIII. Are Lists of Verkhovna Rada(VVR), 2015, № 26. – P. 218. (in Ukr.)

Government archived service of Ukraine. Order «Aboutintroduction in an action of decision of college of Ukrdergarhiv from 24.02.2016 № 1/1 «About balances ofthe work of the archived establishments and special establishments of insurance fund of documentation in 2015 and basic tasks on 2016» from 01.03.2016 № 27. -[Electronic resource]. It is access mode: -base/SCAU/2016 27.pdf (in Ukr.)

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Record office of the Cherkasy area. Fund of R-5625,оp. 1, spr.12563, on 98 р. (in Ukr.)

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