The institutional processes in the medium of Orthodox Church on the territory of Bakhmut Region 1920s

N. Ruban


Introduction. The historical circumstances of the institutional processes in the medium of Orthodox Church on the territory of Bakhmut region still remains one of the less investigated pages of the Ukrainian local church history. Despite the fact that problem of Ukrainian church history of interwar period had been studied by many researchers, it exist a large number of questions requires its elaboration. Nowadays on the basis of unknown earlier material it`s possible to expand the common picture of said events. That`s why the main purpose of the article is to figure out the circumstances of institutional development of main orthodox confessions on the territory of Bakhmut region during the first decade of the soviet authority in Ukraine.

Results. In the article we compared the regional development of the main Orthodox Church structures on the example of the certain east-ukrainian region. The characteristic issue of the religious life in Donbas was relatively conservative. That was the main cause of the slow pace of development of reformatic-oriented confessions such as Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church and Ukrainian Synodal Church. More over speaking about Councilar-Episcopal Church it should take into account the faithful`s attitude to the bishop`s loyalty to atheistic government. All these shown church schism`s, and also metropolitan Sergiy`s declaration became the main cause of formaition of fundamentally new movement of catacomb true-christian church in opposition to pro-government orthodox confessions.

Originality. The originality of the articlecomposed by an attempt to research the events of Donbas church history events without traditional historicalcliché`s, because in this case it should consider all the trends of that time ukrainian church life. In our strong opinionexactly the ignoring of the modern needs of improvement the canonical status of Ukrainian Orthodox Church allowed the atheistic regime deepening the church schism that helped to destroy the common legal institute of Orthodox Church all over the Soviet Union.

Conclusions. In conclusion it`s worth to sign that nowadays the researching of Donbass church history of interwar period is complicated by the difficult politic situation in the region. Unfortunately the material of Lugansk and Donetsk archives are unavailable for Ukrainian researches, but gradual actualization of this problem makes the strong prospects of its future fast research.


Orthodox, Bakhmut region, Donbass, split, Ukrainian Councilar-Episcopal Church (UСEC), Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (UAOC),Ukrainian Synodal Church (USC), True-Orthodox Church



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