Ukrainian national historiography of the 1990th in perception of modern Ukrainian historians

K. Ivangorodsky


Introduction. One of the most important instrument for keeping any process normal is the introspection by its subject that allows him to avoid mistakes and to refuse incorrect belief, ideas and stereotypes in perspektive. Such procedure is extremely useful for any national historiography, especially for Ukrainian, becouse its latest stage of development is not long enough as the independent discipline. Therefore, it is possible to recognize the professional Ukrainian historians interest to its first steps quitely natural taking in account their role in creation of the new researching field.

Purpose. As the purpose of this study is provided historiographic analysis of the modern historiography in context of the Ukrainian national historical science (the 1990ths) development. We are interested in the Ukrainian historiography exactly «national» by its orientation. In the structure of modern world historical science it looks like an unusual atavism which seems to many researchers outside Ukraine as the outdated archaism.

Results. The most problem segment of the Ukrainian national historiography in the 1990th, from the leading modern specialists historiographers point of view, is the theoretical and methodological (including terminological and conceptual) equipment of the latest historical researches. This circumstance was noted by such researches as V. Smoliy, A. Reient, A. Udod, A. Yas, Y. Kalakura, L. Zashkilniak, Y. Grytsak, G. Kasianov, I. Kolesnyk etc.

Conclusion. Was made the conclusion that perception by modern Ukrainian experts of the national historiography in the 1990th contains both sharp critical and positive remarks. It allows to hope for the further growth of historiography in Ukraine.


Ukrainian national historiography, national history, historiographer, historian, methodology, historiographic canon



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