Yulia Viktorivna DZIUBENKO


The article contains description of the system of state control over the movie industry in the 1950s1960s. Viewed the process of movie-making beginning from script writing, approving, creation of movie estimate, to the preparation and start recording tape.

With the advent of a new era in the historical development naturally started a new era in the history of movie. Learning new signs of modernity, new typical characters, the desire for a qualitatively new angle of view of the world needed a new artistic means.

Control over movie production was extremely meticulous. It is expressed in various reviews and approval of scripts, author (director) amendments introduced ban, limiting movie budget. Each script is getting into the studio, meticulously inspected on ideological loyalty and faith, corrected by several script boards.

In turn, it is led to a decline in such areas of motion picture as auteur and poetic cinematography. And though, in opinion of some researchers the schools of poetic and auteur cinematography did not exist yet, it can not deny the fact that the movies placed on a shelf in 19501960, as they did not have the correct ideological basis were the most interesting phenomena of the Ukrainian cinema, the most promising ways of its development.

It is raised the issue of censorship on the screen as a moral and political.


movie production; state control; censorship; inspection; cosmopolitanism


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