Grygoriy Mykhaylovych GOLYSH, Larysa Grygorivna LYSYTSYA


Introduction. The essence of the problem investigated is the reconstruction of special children’s institutions for the Ukrainian minors suffering from dangerous diseases or have weakened health as a result of the military time. The above problem is noted great relevance and given the actual absence of special works – great epistemological potential.

Purpose. Purpose of the article is based on documentary sources, mostly archival origin, to analyze the specific development network and operation of medical and sanatorium orphanages after World War II (19461950).

Results. Based on empirical data attached the authors were able to trace the dynamics of development of medical and sanatorium orphanages and justify the position that the said process falls on the first postwar five years. Information about the network of medical orphanages is summarized in the text table. In addition, it is determined comprehensively features of these specific children’s institutions, analyzed daily life of educatees, disclosed negative events in this area of child protection.

Originality. For the first time in domestic science the given thematic segment was singled out from the shared problem of the Ukrainian minors after World War II and was the subject of a special study.

Conclusion. It is proved that medical and sanatorium orphanages perform very important functions rehabilitation of children and adolescents with impaired health. In concert with the positive activities of these special orphanages there were significant drawbacks associated with both the objective circumstances of extreme time and the consequences of totalitarianism domination and executive structures’ inability. The said problem needs further scientific development based on attracting new as archival and narrative sources.


minors; children and teens; special children institutions; network facilities; medical orphanages; sanatorium orphanages; Ministry of Health


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