Professor V. G. Rotmistrov (1866-1941) about value of Dnipro HES for agriculture

М. М. Коваленко


The article is devoted to outstanding Ukrainian naturalist, one of the organizers of agricultural research in Ukraine - Vladimir Grygorovych Rotmistrov, whose scientific heritage includes achievements on many issues of biological agriculture and its methodological foundations. Of the main scientist achievements are distinguished the research of soil water regime, the development offield research methods and the study of root crops, tillage systems and soil fertilization and others. In national research agronomy of early XX century V. G. Rotmistrov is one of the founders of the dry farming science. In the late 20 's ofXX century professor V. G. Rotmistrov joined the study of the one of important problems of the agricultural sector caused by the deployment of country productive forces, in particular the use in national economy of Results of V. G. Rotmistrov research for use of Dnipro HES for the agricultural sector have been highlighted, as well as justification of his leading role in the economy of Ukraine. The scientists considered unacceptable the idea of using Dnipro HES only for heavy industry and showed the results of calculations which compared the amount of labor that was spent on the production of industrial and agricultural products. Also presented data by which the number of rural workers exceeded 20 times the number of industrial sector workers. The conclusions of long-term V. G. Rotmistrov research about the need for Southern regions irrigation to intensify crops and livestock development through the cultivation of new crops, namely cotton, paradise trees, kenaf, soybeans, sugar sorghum, alfalfa


V. G. Rotmistrov; research; agriculture; calculations; Dnipro HES; cotton; irrigation


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